Doi Phatang, Liz Shen

93army coffee is located in Chiang Rai province and closely located to the border of Lao.

The farm is situated at an elevation of 1300 masl which makes it ideal for growing coffee in Thailand. At the farm Catimor hybrids (Bourbon & Typica) varieties are shade grown alongside native trees and flowers. The owner of the farm is Liz Shen, a young third generation Chinese entrepreneur. She transformed the land she inherited from her family into a well established farm that today produces high quality coffee. Her coffee journey started as barista in Taiwan, then moved back to Thailand to start her own shop, roastery & farm. Because she is active in the whole supply chain she knows how to maintain quality in coffee from harvest to cup.


Where does the name 93Army come from?

Division 93, is a division that retreated from Mainland China, whose legend is passed down from generation to generation. Legend has it that the division gathered in union to fight back and reduce the power of insurgents in Chiang Rai, under the leadership of Major General Shen JiaEn with Pha Tang being one of many areas under his protection. Although what’s left today is merely a legend passed down to generations, it is the origin of a high quality coffee brand.



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